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Darnella Frazier…

Poem By Joyce Davis

I apologize Darnella Frazier your young eyes saw things you shouldn’t have had endured
A miscarriage of justice you would not let pass; “pull out your phone and record history” your decency lured
I am sorry our society has not progressed to where every human is offered decency
You had to be a witness to a man being murdered in the street
You captured it all through the technology of your phone
But the pain that you experience you have to deal with on your own
I am so sorry that police that day could not be an example to you
You had to carry the standard of what a human should do
“Protect and serve” is there motto; yet sometimes it is based on the color of your skin
George Floyd got no protection from the police, instead he they served his end

My heart breaks for you, but I am also glad you were there
To show to the entire world that there was someone who actually cared
The horrors that haunt you I cannot even imagine
The darkness, the pain, it is hard for me to fathom
You will take this into your future because your actions changed America
The world knows your name don’t believe me just ask Alexa
Honorary pulitzer and for that I am so proud of this that you achieved
Knowing the heart and pain in which you’ve expressed you have grieved
I am sorry Darnella at such a young age you had to become a hero
Those who should have upheld that title were effectively zero
I hope your future is not affected except one simple change
You will continue to affect history I can’t wait to see your range
The world is yours for commanding I suspect you will go far
You already proved you can make a difference no matter who you are
What you did was superhumanly courageous of an event the was major
The world owes you a debt of gratitude, I am thankful for you Darnella Frazier

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