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Don’t Let Decency Get Democracy Killed…

Poem by Joyce Davis

Don’t let your sense of decency get our democracy killed
You are trying to do things the proper way, as we watch as blood has been spilled
Watching our country get manhandled by the orange Republican bully
Stating loudly and clearly where he thinks you can stick your democracy
They’re not playing by rules; no need for them to play it cool, when they have such a loyal base
They only watch propaganda; as Fox News spreads pandemonium, all signs of truth has been erased
Why are there no sirens to let us know that help is on the way

The biggest treasonous traitor Trump taunts us with more violence everyday
How many more have to die before your oath makes you reach for the alarm
It’s like they silenced your voice, cut off your legs, and managed to chop your arms
Crimes have been committed, the state of justice is unrest
When our neighbors, fellow Americans attacked the Capitol for Trump becoming domestic terrorist
They have already let it be known they will do it again but with guns next time
Marg and Matt recruit foot soldiers to help them plan the next crime
They stated loud and clear they await their orders to fight in the next coup
Why won’t you do something now and not wait till they kill you
Why aren’t you protecting us! Are you waiting for our blood to be spilled?
Please don’t let decency be the reason democracy was killed

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