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I’m In Britney Spears Corner!

By Janet Grace

I just saw this! As we’ve already established, there’re far too many of you to reach out to individually at this point in my life; however, I’m a social band of butterflies—hey, that’s a great name for a name: BOB for short. I digress. Keep up! My mind veers off, tree branches; each, with tales to tell. Blink twice and you’ll miss something that catches up in chapter five.
Oh yes, there will be chapters.

Back to BRITNEY!

Her Bio-Dad was given the boot. I’m delighted to know that Britney can now choose her own preferences regarding hers and her children’s lives, away from scrutiny.

Congratulations, Britney. Welcome to the land of the living. Toss your ankle monitor in the pool and sing us a new tune. We’re rooting for you.

Well, Folks, count your lucky stars that your lives are your own, unless you’re a woman in Texas or down south, in the mid west and coming soon to a GOP State near you, unless you vote the Creeps out and get new, trustworthy blood in.

The world needs a transfusion of love. There are too many sitting on their laurels, chewing their cud, in all of the political parties, but if what has occurred for Britney is a tell-tale sign of where karma is heading, good will triumph. Unfortunately, the GOP Clowns are saying the same thing. Ugh!

Congratulations, Britney and Family.

Brightest regards, All.

JG )O(

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