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The Love Of Lists…

By Radical Rhymes

One of life’s less obvious pleasures – as far as I can tell – lies in making lists. I do it all the time. Sometimes for practical purposes, like working through jobs and tasks, but often for leisure or fun.

I will happily sit and think about my top film or book choices, or wade through stats and memory to decide on my favorite sports stars or entertainers for hours. It’s something I’ve (regrettably or happily) passed along to one of my sons.

And the beauty lies in making complex, multi-layered decisions. For instance, in cricket you can look at a batter’s average scores and say categorically, he or she is the best. But wait… did that take into account the opposition? The conditions, the era they played in?

Similarly with actors. You can go by number of leading roles, but then you consider at how looks impact on those decisions. How does nepotism play a part? Was that person cast because they were part of an acting dynasty? Were they the niece or nephew of a topflight producer or director?

List making is not an easy pursuit!

And for me in particular it is far from straightforward because I am chronically indecisive – or am I?

In trying to put together a favorite book list recently I almost drove myself crazy (or crazier!). That book was pivotal in my life, that one changed my views, this one affected me most deeply. And so on and so forth… needless to say that I never did complete it.

Part of the problem is that everything is contextual. Ask me one week about my favorite piece of music it will be one thing, then the next week something else. There are a group of enduring pieces I always carry with me, but which is the best? I won’t be able to say.

Ultimately though, my love of lists extends beyond them. What I really seem to enjoy is paradox. Loving lists as an indecisive person is a delicious paradox.

Oh how complex we are… let me list the ways.

Radical Rhymes is a professional artist working with a range of media – predominantly animal/human portraits and landscapes – including, most recently, hand painted furniture. You can see his work on Instagram Radicalrhymes1969 or on Twitter @RhymesRadical.

For commissions, please contact him on Twitter via Direct Message or by email at: radicalrhymes@outlook.com His work is also available to buy on Etsy

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