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60 Seconds with Richie Ramone

Exclusive interview by Karen Beishuizen

Photo credit for band picture George Dubose

The Ramones: one of the greatest punk rock bands ever. Richie Ramone was one of the drummers. He is still involved in music as a composer and musician and lately as an actor too. His autobiography “I Know Better Now, my life before, during and after The Ramones” was published in 2018. He is currently on tour in the US and comes to Ireland and UK in September.

KB: We all know you as the drummer for The Ramones from 1983 – 1987: What is your recollection of this time and the success the band had?

It was amazing! I was only 25 years old and living the dream. Playing to sold out venues and living the rock star life.

KB: You are the only Ramones drummer who was the sole composer of a song ” Somebody Put Something in My Drink “: How did you write it and what is the story behind it?

I wrote 6 songs for the Ramones. Drink is about how we would go to the clubs and take peoples drinks when they left them on the table. We had no money then as this was a way to party for free. One night it was laced with LSD and so the story goes.

KB: That song has been covered by many bands: How does this make you feel, and do you have a favorite cover version?

There is nothing better than having a band cover your song and putting their spin on it. It’s very rewarding!

KB: In 2011 you won a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award and you said that this was the first time all 3 drummers were under one roof? That must have been a one of a kind.

They did not give CJ or me a statue. I went to say a few words about Joey. It was the only time ever that us three were in the same building.

KB: Are you planning any new projects or a new album?

My new 7” just came out. The A side is called “Not Afraid “and the B side is “Cry Little Sister” which is in the soundtrack for the upcoming movie, Protégé Moi, where I play a vampire. I have been doing some acting lately. The album will be completed this summer.

KB: Any artists you like and who you would like to work with?

I would like to sing a duet with Pink. I think she’s tough and has a cool punk vibe.

KB: The whole world has been in several lock downs due to the raging pandemic: what have you been doing during these lock downs? Any hobbies you enjoy you?

Like I said, I fell into acting and have two movies coming out this year. Also, as everyone knows, I enjoy golf because it is the polar opposite of rock music. I start my US tour on March 23rd and will be in the UK and Ireland in September. Go to my website for all the latest news etc. Thank you for having me…. peace

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