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Welcome to the Future: Telehealth

By Joyce Davis

There was a time in history that people with mental illness were put to death or kept hidden away. They called some mental illness demonic possession. Some family members would keep those that embarrassed them where no one could encounter them.

At some point people made the connection that not everyone was the same. Some people dealt with learning disabilities; while others dealt with mental disabilities. Instead of casting people out or stoning them you could actually try medicating and or offering therapy to help correct their behavior.

As someone who took part in therapy one of the main reasons people did not go was the actual getting there or being there. For me who was diagnosed agoraphobic, leaving my house was a problem. If I managed to leave my house and get to the therapists/Doctor. I had to contend with a waiting room of people. No big deal with most people but for me a waiting room is a living hell. People who need to talk to you or touch you. Kids that don’t understand what a boundary is. Adults that don’t understand what boundaries are. Then there are the people that stare at you and make you feel out of place. I would not be surprised if there is a book written on the horrors of waiting rooms.

Covid happened. We could not leave our houses and people still needed to see their therapists. We were all social-distancing; which left people who had no idea they had the need to talk to a therapist to find out the separation from other people left them with holes in their lives. Zoom became the means of work and social interaction for the socially distanced.

I am not the technological sort of person but I think Zoom is worth learning. Especially when it comes to talking to a therapist. I find that not having to drive when in crisis makes more sense. I can recall driving to a therapist in tears and finding it hard to see the road. Not to mention leaving a therapist can leave you distraught and driving is not highly recommended. Now; however, I can set an appointment and be connected via my cell phone, provided I have a working internet.

Welcome to the future. Not everyone understands what a breakthrough telehealth can be. I know. I use it. It makes something that used to be impossible for some possible. I for one am grateful.