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Bruce’s Beach Returned to Rightful Owners

By Janet Grace

Nearly a century ago, Mr. And Mrs. Charles and Willa Bruce owned a beautiful 7k square foot beachfront property in Manhattan Beach County, Los Angeles, CA., where segregated POC gathered to enjoy the seasons and spend time with their families and loved ones.

That is, until their land was seized in 1924 by Manhattan Beach Officials (a fancy name for a bunch of sick MF racists who couldn’t bare the thought of POC owning anything besides our wealth of melanin).


The reason Africans, Moors, POC were abducted as slaves in the first place WAS because of our mighty melanin content. Darker pigment, naturally protected from absorbing most of the suns UV rays, proved to be unfortunate for those with eumelanin, which tolerates scorching heat, allowing captors to obtain more work by fewer captured people of color.

Thank goodness for an activist named Kavon Ward, who spearheaded a campaign to return the illegally seized land to its rightful heirs, Charlie and Willa’s great-grandsons, Marcus and Derrick Bruce.

“A model for other jurisdictions to follow” is what dignitaries celebrating Wednesday’s triumphant return of the stolen land, called the deed transfer.

The county will now rent the land from the rightful owners. If they’re interested in purchasing it, they can cough up 20 million to pay the Bruce family.

Personally, I’d keep it exactly as it was intended – a wonderful place for all our people to enjoy.

Thank goodness, we’re so mixed at this point, that this includes the whole planet. Why? Cuz LOVE is the highest vibration, and it sure took a whole lot of it to make us. Sounds like a beach party to me!

Congratulations to the Bruce Family and THANK YOU to EVERYONE who worked together to set things right.


JG )O(