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Trump Loses Tax Returns Fight

By Nikki Slusher

The U.S. Supreme Court ended Donald Trump’s years-long battle of withholding his tax records from House Democrats. The SCOTUS ruling has now made the way for a congressional panel to review “six years’ worth of federal returns and raising the possibility some of that information could become public,” per the Washington Post’s report.

Bringing an end to a four-year battle, the House Ways and Means Committee will now be able to obtain Trump’s personal and business records. Following the decision, on Wednesday the former president blasted SCOTUS on Truth Social, “It is unprecedented to be handing over Tax Returns, & it creates a terrible precedent for future Presidents,” he wrote.

This is just one of many losses he has had over the last year. It’s not looking good for the orange dude’s future. Seems that everyone these days is dumping Trump.

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