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Jan. 6th Defendant Planned To Kill Investigators

By Nikki Slusher

A 33-year-old man awaiting trial for charges related to assaulting Capitol Police on Jan. 6th is now facing a new slew of legal woes. Edward Kelley has been charged by the FBI for obtaining a list of law enforcement personnel who are investigating his alleged crimes, then discussing his plans to kill them afterwards.

In the criminal complaint filed by federal authorities an unidentified witness had recorded a phone call with Kelley. During the call Kelley says if his co-defendant, Austin Carter, or himself were picked up by law enforcement then the other two individuals need to attack the FBI Field Office located in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Per what’s included in the charging documents, Mr. Kelley gave Mr. Carter a list of 37 names of law enforcement officers who worked on Kelley’s criminal investigation. Some of those listed had actively participated in the arrest and search of his home. This is another example of why the Jan. 6th participants must face accountability.

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