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Neo-Nazis Arrested for Plotting to Destroy MD Power Grid

By Janet Grace

A downtrodden “Dumb and Dumber” pair of ‘Neo-Nazi Nobody’s; Walking; Stinking; Filthy Garbage; MAGA Domestic Terrorists, similar to the GOP, who’d planned to destroy the Maryland Baltimore Power grid, as soon as they were released from prison,  [who cares what they were in for. They should have left them in there] were arrested and now face twenty years in jail, each, if; or should I say, WHEN convicted.

The man,  I’m not mentioning his name, he’s not worthy, is now known as “Prisoner Number Fk Around and Find Out” ANYWAY.

The fool was stupid enough to share his and his criminal partners plot with his girlfriend; a terminal woman who contacted the authorities, wanting to do the right thing before her time on earth is over.

You cannot make this up.

Bless her health and heart and aim that book baring justice straight at them.

IMHO, It’s time for death by firing squad for terrorism, treason, insurrection and flat out lying (while working for We, The People), to be “hot” and “fetch”, once again, IMHO.

Line ’em up! Lock ‘em up!

The GOP have NO clue to the EXTENT that AMERICA has completely had it up to our eyeballs with all of this INSANE shit, DIRECTLY STEMMING FROM THEIR NONSENSE.

The idiot; ‘Ferka-Cherka’ (or whatever its Drag name is) Santos, was the cow that broke the camel’s back. He began where Madison Cawthorn left off, and we have HAD IT. HAD IT. HAD IT.

We’re going to put an end to this baloney once and for all.

We will shoot down spy balloons, call out all liars, tramps and creeps.

We shall keep kicking; donkeys that we are, until their political teeth are knocked right out of their lying mouths, and they depart the world of politics for a life of making sauce, or gravy and cutting throw garlic really thin with a plastic shank, in Sing-Sing, back underneath the rocks from whence they emerged. GET OUT OF HERE!


It may take a moment. We may have to suffer through madness such as this, FOR  NOW, but I can feel the tides turning towards justice for We, The People.

It’s our turn, now. Lights on! HUZZA!

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