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Florida Democrats May Be Banned From Voting

By Nikki Slusher

Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis and his fellow Republican colleagues are going full Third Reich just before the state legislature begins its session next week. One of their latest proposed bills? Dismantling the Democratic Party completely in the state.

Disenfranchising voters is nothing new for Florida Republicans. This last election cycle, the Sunshine State dealt with heavily gerrymandered maps, absentee ballots by Democrats being pulled for “issues” like claims of mismatched signatures, and a plethora of other sneaky tricks by the GOP to hand themselves a landslide win across the state. But to entirely ban a political party from the state is just batshit crazy.

If passed in Tallahassee this year, the bill titled SB 1248, would require the state’s Division of Elections to cancel filings for the Democratic Party. Currently registered Democrats would be notified that they’re now registered as “no party affiliates” and would need to register as another party to participate in primary elections. The reasoning is that the Democratic Party — which heavily influenced the South during the Civil War era — was in favor of slavery and therefore should not be allowed to exist. SB 1248 was filed by state Senator Blaise Ingoglia (R-FL) who said it’s about giving “cancel-culture libs a taste of their own medicine” per Vanity Fair.

“For years now, leftist activists have been trying to ‘cancel’ people and companies for things they have said or done in the past,” Senator Ingoglia said in his statement. “This includes the removal of statues and memorials, and the renaming of buildings. Using this standard, it would be hypocritical not to cancel the Democrat Party itself for the same reason.” Nothing screams freedom like implementing more restrictions against those who have opposing beliefs.

Personally, I don’t see this piece of legislation passing. If it does, it will undoubtedly be challenged in the courts which I can’t see upholding the bill due to constitutional protections at the state and federal level. But if it does then it’s time for Democrats to ban the Republican Party in the state as any organization that supports an insurrection against our government isn’t a political party but a domestic terrorist threat. Two can play that game.

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