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Chris Christie To Announce 2024 Presidential Bid

By Nikki Slusher

Rumor has it that former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie [R] is planning to announce his candidacy for the 2024 Republican presidential race. Per multiple reports, Christie intends to announce his campaign on Tuesday at a town hall in Manchester, New Hampshire. Honestly speaking – can he even fill the room?

Christie’s plan to run isn’t a complete shock; after all, he has tried (and failed) before and expressed interest in previous months. If true, this will be Christie’s second attempt at securing the nomination after coming in sixth place in the 2016 New Hampshire primary. The former governor has held multiple town halls in the swing state in recent months which contributed to his decision to announce his presidential bid there. Credit goes to Axios for being the first to report the timing of his 2024 announcement.

Let’s take a trip back to almost a decade ago when Christie dropped out of the race, going on to endorse then candidate Donald Trump right before Super Tuesday. While we can’t be certain that Christie’s endorsement aided Trump’s win, it did give momentum to Trump’s campaign having a credible name publicly cast support in his favor. The move led to the two men becoming close allies with Christie even heading up Trump’s presidential transition team and later in 2020 preparing him for debates against Joe Biden.

Times have greatly changed since then, however, with Christie becoming a vocal critic of Trump who still leads as the Republican front-runner for 2024. Christie’s change of heart came after Trump refused to acknowledge his loss in 2020 to Biden and his continuation of pushing baseless election fraud claims. While the rest of the sane world could slightly appreciate Christie calling out the BS, the MAGA base was not amused and labeled him as another traitor of the anointed orange.

Christie is still a staunch antagonist to Trump. Earlier this month he appeared on ABC News where Christie argued that Republican candidates aren’t going to beat Trump by “cozying up to him.” Yet Christie still reasons his initial endorsement of the former president, saying he thought that he’d be able to effectively guide and shape Trump as a better candidate and president, only to be proven wrong in the end.

More recently, Christie did spend his time slamming the former guy at one of his New Hampshire town halls. “Tonight is the beginning of the case against Donald Trump,” Christie said. “You’re not going to beat someone by closing your eyes, clicking your heels together three times and saying, ‘There’s no place like home.’ That’s not going to work.”

“Donald Trump is a TV star, nothing more, nothing less,” he added. “Let me suggest to you that in putting him back in the White House, the reruns will be worse than the original show.” I’m not sure who Christie thinks will be voting in the Republican primary for him, but it sure as hell isn’t the people who agree with these sentiments.

Let’s be brutally honest. Christie is not going to secure more than 3% of any GOP primary vote (and I’m being very generous here with that number). He’s also not going to get any support from Democrats who are unifying behind President Biden. It’s nice that he’s giving temporary employment to some conservative political operatives in need of work who don’t want to join one of the other six crazy trains.

The Republican 2024 presidential primary has no shortage of losing candidates and I’m loving every single minute. At this point every time a Trump-lite Republican throws their hat into the race an angel gets its wings. We can at least enjoy the entertaining loser fest live as it unfolds.

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