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Florida Governor DeSatanis: Stupid? No. Corrupt? Possibly… Dangerous as Hell? Absolutely Unquestionably

By Henry S. Villard

For a number of reasons, mostly health related and family involved, I have not been able to turn in my column(s) as often as I have in the past and I will make every attempt, as things improve, to become a more frequent contributor to Mr. Berkwitt’s fine Ringside Report publication.

Today it is important that I address the issues related to Florida’s governor, just the next in a too-long of a line of clowns, miscreants, liars, lowlifes appearing to be corrupt but now no better or worse than Miami’s mayor, who is, at this time, facing numerous inquiries regarding ethics (or lack thereof), graft and an unending list of other illegalities. While certain individuals love to make inane statements such as, “well, its just as bad on both sides,” the fact and truth is that it is not, that statement akin to saying that, during World War II, “there were some good Germans,” which there were not.

U. S. Senator Marco Pubio is, simply put, totally inept and utterly incompetent. He has no more regard for decency or the welfare of the people of Florida who he is supposed to represent than does the man in the moon, that person as much a figment of one’s imagination as Pubio’s decency. But (is it actually possible?) he is surpassed by his fellow Repukenacan U. S. Senator and former Florida governor Rick the Dick Scott, whose company was the largest perpetrator of financial crimes against the federal government (Medicare) in the history of this country and when the Dick was brought in front of Congress to answer the charges, he took the Fifth Amendment (“Can’t answer truthfully—heaven forbid I incriminate myself!) ready….Seventy Five times, that no exaggeration. In another words, the head man, the big boss, the #1 guy in the company, the big muck-a-muck knew nothing about what was going on within the company which he was the head of, the phony and padded billing, the non-existent patients, absolutely nothing. What a crock of unmitigated crap and yet Florida Rethugnacans not only elected him governor twice but then to the U. S. Senate, the same rationale being used to defend the guy from New York. You know who I mean, the Jewish Christian Muslim Caucasian African-American Hispanic three college degrees Second World War Korean War Vietnam veteran, a fellow by the name of Santos, I believe. And you know what the rationale was not only for voting for him but for his fellow Rethugs allowing him to be sworn in to Congress? Well, he’s not a Democrat. Referring to them as “morons” would insult every moron who ever lived.

Now, though, Florida’s current governor.

This guy “takes the cake.” A graduate of the Naval Academy, this guy is a vicious, heartless, uncaring, indifferent lowlife, those being his good points

Besides his racism and despiser of gay people, his ordering certain books to be removed from Florida public libraries, public schools and state colleges and universities libraries is beyond unacceptable. It is, simply put, naziism (and, no, I will never, ever, no matter how much the far right rants, raves, curses and threatens, capitalize that hateful word) and is a perfect example of a horrible example of what they did to vilify anything, any person and any idea which they didn’t like.

And what about his beyond belief actions in wasting (not just “spending,” but wasting) state money to send illegal refugees to New York or Massachusetts instead of simply turning them over to federal authorities. (That would have been too easy and would not have brought him any publicity for the far right to gloat about) or to send 1100 members of the Florida National Guard to Texas to “protect the state’s borders?” I would use an expletive here, but where in god’s name does he have the nerve (or, we might say, “the cahonies”) to pull that excrement?

First of all, Tex-ass’s governor should have stepped in and told him to “butt out” and, in addition, the commandant of the U. S. National Guard or whoever is the ultimate commander should have told him that unless federal authorities give such orders the National Guard troops from each state are not to be sent out of state.

I would get into his perverted and disgusting actions regarding abortion, the banning of certain words, the allowing of the open carry of unlicensed guns by unlicensed damn fools, the criminalizing of gay and transgender people and a good bit more, but I think by now, dear readers, you get the idea of what Florida, contrary to what the blinded by bigotry, racism, anti-semitism and anti-so much more has been subjected to and with want you to believe, but, and again, they love the guy because, just as with 70 million morons who voted for Herr Trumpler, they think, because of their hatred of those they despise (including all Democrats) they will continue to support a power-hungry would be Il Duce or would be fuhrer rather than begin to think for themselves, along the lines of those liars and lowlifes who are still trying to claim that the insurrection and attack on the Capitol on January 6th, 2021 by nothing more than a bunch of hoodlums, thugs, criminals and out and out lowlifes was really nothing other than a visit by a well-mannered group of tourists, and if you believe that then you probably believe that not only is the Easter Bunny real, but, and in addition, that Santa Claus is, also, and that if you wait in the pumpkin patch long enough “The Great Pumpkin” will appear and bring gifts and toys, and that, my friends, is why this country is in the state it is in today, and not because people are still fighting for equality and decent treatment under the law.

Be well, all, and please stay safe.

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