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New Polls Show DeSantis In Third For GOP Presidential Primary

By Nikki Slusher

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is quickly watching his presidential dreams fizzle away. Months ago when DeSantis first announced his presidential bid for the Republican primary nomination, he was seen as a leading contender and challenger to former President Donald Trump. While the twice-impeached, thrice-indicted Trump is suffering his own downward spiral of legal troubles (and another pending indictment from Georgia coming very soon), DeSantis has revamped his campaign efforts multiple times to attempt to market himself as the more viable alternative for Republicans.

Yet even after firing a third of his staffers, switching campaign managers, and taking advice from his billionaire sugar daddies who have halted financial support until they see positive changes, DeSantis has found himself in a worse situation than before. Instead of these changes enhancing his status he’s gone on to lower his ranking from second to third place. To put it bluntly – DeSantis has scrambled to fix his dropping poll numbers by dropping them even more.

On Thursday a top Republican pollster, Cygnal, released the latest GOP presidential primary results and showed that DeSantis has slipped to third place. DeSantis is now polling as the preferred electorate option at 10 percent while Vivek Ramaswamy has moved to second place with 11 percent of GOP voters support. Cygnal has a rating of “A” by poll aggregator FiveThirtyEight. The survey included a sample of 2,000 likely Republican primary voters.

“Vivek started this campaign with zero name ID and didn’t even register in most polls,” Ramaswamy’s campaign communications director, Tricia McLaughlin, told Newsweek. She continued, “He’s just getting warmed up.”

“This primary is a two-man race between Governor DeSantis and a man running in 2024 on the things he promised to do in 2016 and failed to do….Governor DeSantis is the only candidate in the race who can beat Joe Biden and implement the agenda we need to reverse this country’s decline and revive its future,” a DeSantis campaign spokesman told Newsweek in response to the poll.

Even with all his pending legal doom, Trump is still polling as the leading Republican presidential candidate nominee with a whopping 53 percent of the GOP base saying they will be voting for him in 2024. The poll does come with its own caveats, as it heavily deviated certain responses for other issues that almost all prior polls showed consistent numbers with. For example, it showed 56 percent of respondents in favor of a national abortion ban which has been shown time and time again as widely unpopular across the nation. AP-NORC’s July poll showed at least 51 percent of American voters support access to abortion up to 15 weeks and exemptions for cases involving rape, incest, or the health of the mother.

Regardless, this poll shows something that DeSantis isn’t ready to acknowledge — his anti-woke, hateful, vile rhetoric is not a winning platform nationally unless you are Donald Trump. Now that Republican polls are even showing DeSantis losing this much steam it may mean the end to his campaign is coming sooner than we thought. At this time I still personally believe DeSantis will stay in until the March primary, but if the ship can’t stay afloat until then we may see one less wannabe dictator on the Republican debate stage.

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