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Happy New Year, Again Part 3: Feng Shui

By Janet Grace

Feng Shui:

Embrace decorating, decluttering and releasing old stuck energies on a regular basis. Get to the nitty gritty on a bi-weekly basis. Keep your places impeccable, cleaning and clearing, decluttering, getting rid of every and anything that no longer serves a purpose and Boom! You’re off to a running start with Feng Shui. For those of you who have that already handled, you’re on top of the game.

People attuned to the beliefs surrounding the Lunar New Year pay great heed to the calculations generated using the teachings of the five principles of Feng Shui, a.k.a. “The Way Of Wind and Water”.

Feng Shui, which has been known and taught for as long as humanity has been in Asia, shows where and how to find the best geometrical positions by using a compass to precisely arrange ones structures, buildings and homes in a manner which brings the most balance to the area and to all living beings occupying the space.

Those working to design their living spaces with the best energies for the upcoming year, have no qualms about moving furniture to a new area that will bring a good study environment for the children, good health for everyone, better relationships and communication to name a few of the benefits.

There is never a need for worrying that you must acquire the latest and greatest feng shui trinket, either. Use what you’ve got.

Take your time arranging one area at a time, allowing the new energies to settle in before transforming other areas of your homes, vehicles, work spaces.

There is no need to stress out about getting it right, either. Any time is the right time to spruce things up, have fun with this!

I see it as a game. If so, here are the rules:

Four geographical directions bring positivity into your space.

Four geographical directions do the opposite.

Every year, the geographical locations play musical chairs. Each year, we wait to receive the new directional calendar and tap those areas that will be needing a bit of light or protection. Knowing the direction to bring light and energy, harmony and balance to, and which ones to steer clear of, is the trick.

You know you’ve won when the boss calls you in to offer you a better position, a raise, or you know you’d better keep working on it, if you’re given a rose colored invitation to the unemployment line.

The five principles are the tools used in this game of Feng Shui. They are:

Principle #1. Keep your home impeccably clean and declutter on a regular basis. It brings positive life force energies to the dormant, stagnant vibrations in ones living energy field. Clear it up and let that energy flow. Open windows, clean them well, too. Vacuum everything, shine whatever needs to be shined, polish the silver. Blast your music into those dark closets. Shine lights where you need to.

Principle #2. Use the five elements of earth, metal, wood, fire, water to enhance your living space according to whatever the New Year’s auspicious and inauspicious flying star compass

recommendations are.

Principle # 3: Use all of the Feng Shui tricks and hacks freely shared with everyone on every social media platform, to position your furniture in the best locations for your personal space and decorate your surroundings with bright reds, lively music for optimum achievement in your fires, desires and passions wanting to break free and flee. Let them be. You will be amazed at how perfectly the arrangements fit, and how elegant the space looks – like magick.

Principle # 4. Use the recommended colors for each sector as suggested. Each color carries energy and life force. In the same way that an artist can transform a human’s face into a tiger’s using a few simple face paint brush strokes, placing the given colors and protective objects in given areas will transform a dull room into one that explodes with miracles just like that.

Principle # 5. Let there be light! Shine light to given areas whether it be sunlight, or artificial lighting that offers the perfect relaxing environment.

In 2024, the Flying Stars have acquired the following directions:

Center: Star #3. This year, the center of the home becomes a boxing ring. Quarrels, disagreements, a bunch of ugly happens here this year. Keep it quiet in this area and see what is recommended to quell the fires burning in this location.

East: Victory, Prosperity, All good things here. See the recommended activators

South East: Illness comes to 2024 in this sector. Try not to sit facing in this direction in 2024. See recommended cures.

South: Loss, Robbery, Violence. Loss of wealth, reputation, loved ones. See recommended cures.

South West: Money, Promotions, Everything you want lives here this year! Activate and multiply these energies using the recommended activators.

West: Misfortune. See recommended cures.

North West: Love and Education. Tap that Sector! Check out the recommendations to activate this sector.

North: Wealth Star. Activate that sector.

North East: Heavenly Helpers. Your angels guardians and guides will be watching the court game that is your life from the bleachers located in the NE sector. Yes, the recommended activators will amplify the blessings.

Here are the websites I use to educate myself on the subject. There’s much to read and much to learn. I hope you will take the opportunity to experiment with these or at least quell those tricky sectors bring chaos in its wake. Now you know where they’ll be.


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