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Well, Well, Well…

By Ron Signore

On Tuesday, June 11, 2024, Hunter Biden was found guilty on three felony gun charges. You are probably wondering why that matters. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t. Generally speaking a portion of this population cares what happens to Hunter Biden as it relates to some sort of cooperation in criminal activities with his father. Which, if anyone pays attention to the real world, is grasping at straws to help deflect the GOP troubles with their cult leader. So, it does not matter is the simple answer. Hunter Biden is not Joe Biden, and they did not commit high crimes or misdemeanors together that would result in an impeachment of President Biden. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter because no one is voting for Hunter Biden for President of the United States.

However, it does have some baggage that could matter strictly because of the low iq individuals who bleed red for the Orange Turd. The same crowd who chanted ‘lock her up,’ all but ignored the legitimacy of the felony convictions of Agent Orange. This is the same crowd echoing calls of “The Biden Crime Family.” These are the same people who debate the legitimacy of the 2020 election and feed off conspiracy theories.

Human nature can be driven on repetitiveness and association. The more, and the louder, the jeers tying criminality to Joe Biden, despite the reality of his son Hunter being his own person, resides in the head of people who are on the fence. They can go to the ballot box an Independent voter, likely have their head in the sand to reality, and basically associate the name Biden as a criminal and decide to vote otherwise. Why not? The concept should work the other way with a convicted felon in Bunker Boy with the assumption people live in reality.

In typical fashion, the expectation of the GOP, Agent Orange, and his minions, is to project continuous arguments of conspiracy and criminality of this administration, which to them seems to include Hunter. Then tie it all up into whatever platforms they are running on with the concept of paranoia. The reality of their platforms they are running on are not being broadcasted beyond the concept of what they stand for. They are not diving into the reality of Project 2025, but rather bellowing the generalizations of mass deportations, focusing on pro-life paths of life, and the now infamous, “drill, baby, drill.”

These uneducated people have abandoned reality. They have been convinced that everything bad in their life, everything they are unhappy about is at the behest of the Democrats and their governing policies. Like everything else with no understanding of the real world, they will continue to cut their nose off to spite their face. Our prosperity since the 1930’s has all been built on more liberal platforms, quasi-socialist if you will. Yet they vote against their best interests when those programs have a huge impact on their lives and livelihood. Farmers and Vets stereotypically praise the right, though the right has not driven legislation to better the lives of either in some time, if ever. I find it disturbing that there is a unification of nationalism over our military institutions and dominance we can bring to the world, but like the born child, you are all but on your own going forward.

The Right has continued to show that they care more about an individual that is still in the womb than when it takes its first breath. Yet, they boldly fill the airwaves with the irresponsibility and immorality of those who are pro-choice. They have continued to prove George Carlin correct. They care about you in the womb, then they care about you when you are military age, and then they leave you with the bare minimum in support for the rest of your life. We all have a huge found respect for those brave men and women who gave their sacrifices, some the ultimate sacrifice, on behalf of our country. However, whenever it comes to supporting these individuals with legislation to help improve their quality-of-life post-service, you hear crickets from the Right. It is all lip service. An echo of ego prayed on the notion that they do not need those leftists, deflected with songs and moments of appreciation in the spotlight at events. In fact, the majority of states that utilize the most in government funded programs are Red States.

As you can see, this is the main problem. A lack of comprehensive understanding of what reality is. They cry that those on government funded programs are likely lazy and stealing off the government tit. I am sure there is a small percentage of that, I will not deny the potential existence of people taking advantage of the system. Kind of like the PPP loans, I won’t mention the potential of thievery there. I would, however, think to myself that even if that is true, what kind of life can that be? It isn’t a life that I would want. And those who need that assistance are likely dreaming of better lives as well.

So, when the GOP and Agent Orange continue to blast some sort of criminal connection between Joe and Hunter Biden, there will be these brain-dead individuals who live in a conspiracy theory world that believe this nonsense. By default, I think all politicians are crooks. I do not trust politicians. Our government is not perfect and needs fixing. However, there’s a difference in my mind of someone who is a product of their business within certain boundaries, and a person to colors outside the lines, gets caught, then cries how unfair life is for him.

Furthermore, it goes beyond either of the two candidates running for President. How anyone can be so blind to realize that one agenda drives an inclusive country with an aim for as much peace as possible; and the other is driving away from our democracy-based roots and looking to regress us to some sort of authoritarian monarchy. It has become an us vs them race, but I also have far more confidence that if the left wins in November, their agenda includes the segment of the country that opposes them. If the right wins, many segments of people within this country are going to be battered and bruised metaphorically (possibly literally) as we turn back the clock on time.

Again, in the real-world true picture, a guilty Hunter Biden means bupkis, and he will continue to not receive our votes. I just hope there is enough intelligence left in this world amongst those who are a little more apathetic to politics that understand that. Vote Blue.

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