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Escaping the MAGA Cult Part II

By Ana Braga

I would like to first thank my new readers for the feedback on my article about Escaping the MAGA Cult. They had some very good questions that needed answering.

Amy asked:

Can you maybe provide more insight/details about what got you into MAGA; did you have MAGA friends and how did they react to you leaving/ did any join you; what messages swayed you (any that might help break the spell w/ others)?

I didn’t know any Trump supporters in 2016 as I was working as a model full time and being in the press on a regular basis up until 2020. I knew better not to mention politics in Hollywood, especially if I was going to vote for Trump. Even some photographers/producers I’ve met were scared to talk about it but I knew some of them were in the Trump camp like me. Once Trump won, I started using Twitter and started meeting MAGA people. I was very naive because I thought most were being sincere and genuine. I didn’t realize that most wanted my “friendship” solely because I was in the press so much and landing a lot of magazine features.

I think they were excited to befriend a model. I did meet a few people who were sincere and we occasionally still talk. Most of the MAGA I met had ulterior motives and the moment I started questioning some of the racism, prejudice and Trump’s behavior I started to get backlash. Some have even doxxed me and threatened to harm me and even kill me. Well, I’m here as none of these dark energy people scare me. They’re very toxic and I have nothing but regret to be involved in MAGA. If you’re in MAGA, you aren’t allowed to ask questions or challenge Trump and any of his top influencers, the moment you do the cult will turn on you.

A few friends who saw how I was being treated through the years and were also attacked themselves, have left before me or a bit after me. I believe the MAGA hateful rhetoric and attacks on me caused me to open my eyes and realize they weren’t my tribe. What can I say to help others leave? I think I’ll have to keep talking about it but sadly, I think most left already and those who stayed agree with Trump’s and his influencers hateful rhetoric.

In regard to friends reacting about me leaving, a few have accepted my decision while others have distanced themselves from me. It’s ok because I had to do what’s right. “Stand up for what you believe even if you’re standing alone.”

Fuquam asked:

How does it feel to talk to those people? Are there others visibly uncomfortable to be in this cult?

Is there a way to help them?

I really only talk to a couple friends who are in MAGA and sometimes we clash. It’s impossible to not talk politics this year, especially with the dangers in Project 2025. You can look it up since it’s funded by the Heritage Foundation, they are Trump’s advisors who are in charge of the transition team and one of his big campaign contributors.

Is there a way to help them?

At this point I don’t think so. I’ll continue to push back and show them the amount of hate MAGA spews on Twitter on a daily basis. I mention Twitter because it’s the biggest political public forum.

I hope I answered the questions and will always try my best to follow up as I truly appreciate the feedback my readers give me.

Project 2025 | Presidential Transition Project

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