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Fear of Needles or the Truth: Will Floyd Mayweather JR get his Gloves on Manny Pacquiao?


By Michael Angelo Serra

Is it bad blood or just a blood feud?

Floyd Mayweather, JR., did what he doe’s best, souring Sugar Shane Mosley or should that be caning Sugar!

It was just past midnight in Essex, England, and a storm was brewing, thunder, lightning and torrential rain hit’s the road just outside my house here in Colchester, England.

Mayweather I felt, pre fight, was in for some stormy weather.

I just felt that Shane was going to win, but I couldn’t have been more wrong as Floyd outclassed Mosley and shows that there may be no real challenge left for him.

Do we need to see Floyd continue to outclass foe after foe?

Of course not, mismatches prove nothing…well there is as you all know one challenge that has to happen, and that challenge is: Manny “The PacMan”  Pacquiao.

Since there proposed match fell through, I wonder why this fight is still at the stumbling block?

It’s a fight that is realistically the only challenge that Floyd has left as let’s face it “Pretty Boy” just keeps getting prettier.

Pacquiao however wouldn’t take a simple blood test, prompting the cancellation of there mega fight.  Why won’t Pacman take a simple blood test?

There are many theories and rumors floating around, but hey there’s a lot of cash floating around too along with many clouds of doubt, and what do clouds supposedly have?

Silver linings.

Then again both protagonists will want to line there’s with plenty of gold as opposed to silver, there pockets that is.

Mayweather, post fight, stated that he won’t fight unless the Filipino takes a jab of another kind.  Either way, you could say there’s bound to be some needle leading up to this much mooted match up!

If it ever happens.
In short, this fight has to happen.

It’s not just because of it being the biggest fight out there, but because of the state of the game. It was reported that Mayweather, when he fought Oscar De La Hoya, that it was going to be the fight to save boxing!

Did it?

Well, it did and it didn’t.  Let me explain.

I had Oscar the winner by a round or two and felt the decision in favor of Floyd was a bad one, so though it was a good fight it left a bad taste in my mouth due to the scorecards.

This fight is more so the savior of boxing. 

It’s the classic boxer vs. brawler match up, and in many respects a match up that reminds me very much of Sugar Ray Leonard against Roberto Duran.  Both were great fights despite the third meeting a rubber match.  That is best erased from the memory!

Pun intended.

So come on Manny show us you’re the man!

After all, you should take the jab for the blood test as you’ll need plenty of practice taking jabs come fight night, so come on and fight Floyd and get the fight the whole wide World wants to see happen.

Let’s hope PacMan holds true to form like his video game character and leaves that all important remaining dot…well just a dot of blood and gives boxing not only some blood, but plenty of sweat and tears in what could be the fight of the year.

It’s the biggest fight in history.  It’s now up to the fighters to make it happen.

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