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Dark Knight SHOOTER SHOCKER – Woman With HUGE CRUSH Speaks – “I don’t think he’s a bad guy!”

By Geno McGahee

We see it all the time when a killer gets any sort of publicity. Charles Manson has plenty of marriage proposals and they are not always from obese women or men that can’t get it anywhere else. Here, with the Dark Knight shooter, James Holmes, we have 30 year old, Misty Benjamin, coming forward to reveal her crush and tell the world that she believes him to not be a bad guy.

With her hair dyed red in tribute to Holmes, she spoke of her love. She noted that she was “physically attracted to him.” She also stated that “it seems crazy,” but that she is “not crazy,” although a crush on a serial killer usually merits that distinction.

She continued to defend Holmes, noting that he is “not an animal” and that she was defending him as a human being. Unfortunately, women like Misty come out of the woodwork whenever this stuff happens. If Adam Lanza had lived, he would have had a line of girls with love of him. The sad thing is that this is genuine. Misty is probably not doing this for publicity and would probably marry Holmes if given the opportunity. The element of danger can excite and when you mix that in with a confused person, you can get something like this.

In the end, Holmes will only be marrying one of the boys behind bars and that will make up his sex life for the remainder of his days. Misty may be the first to profess love but she won’t be the last. Serial killers always trigger our morbid curiosity…some more than others, as is this case. Thankfully, he’s locked up tight and the threat that he posed is long gone. Misty will have to move on and find a crazy person on the outside to date.

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