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Andre Berto KNOCKED OUT: Jesus Soto Karass Victorious – BOXING NEWS

By Geno McGahee

The career of Andre Berto, 28-3, 22 KO’s, a man that was one in line to take on Floyd Mayweather, JR., has taken another and perhaps final blow with a knockout loss to Jesus Soto Karass, 28-8-3, 18 KO’s, in the final round of their bout.

From the opening round, Karass put the pressure on and hurt Berto with uppercuts and right hands. Berto complained about a shoulder problem early on and looked like he wanted out of the fight, but he fought on and got some things done. In the 11th round, Karass was dropped with a low blow and the referee counted, infuriating him and putting him into high gear. The stepped up aggression led to a left hook in the final round that took all of the life out of Berto and the fight was over.

Berto’s career as a serious force in boxing is over. The rough fights with Robert Guerrero and Victor Ortiz have taken a serious toll on the career of Berto and this beating won’t help him. It was a great win for Karass.

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