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Whatchagonnado: Tim Bradley Uses the Fire Hose – Manny Pacquiao Turns Off his Fire Hydrant

whatcha-gonna-doBy Roy “Sharpshooter” Bennett

Manila Ice…

I’ve got no interest whatsoever in the “Manny & Tim Variety Show” taking place in Vegas this weekend. But it’s still boxing so I’ll chop it up for ya’ll and say this. If Bradley makes the mistake of trying to play “Fireman” and goes for broke, he gets laid out.

I can already hear the howls of derision from the peanut gallery forming in a million PPV purchasing throats heading my way. WHOA! Hold your horses. I’ll explain. If Bradley doesn’t try to push his luck Pac will let him hang around. Listen. Manny doesn’t want to hurt nobody no more. He got into that compassionate habit a while back and, as the big money poured in, he didn’t need to worry about feeding his family anymore. And he never got out of it. Sit down. I haven’t finished.

Pac let Margarito, Mosley, Rios, and Algieri last the course because he could. Contrast that with the sheer blazing ferocity of the Pacman who tore through Diaz, Cotto, and Hatton and we’re on the same page. The only way Bradley wins this fight is by boxing. Not slugging. Boxing. If he tries to slug and wakes up the beast he gets folded like a deck chair. Don’t laugh. If the feather fisted Jesse Vargas put Bradley on Queer Street, Pacman can put him on next city block.

The last thing a fighter loses is his punching power. That Pacman southpaw left hand is still a freakin’ missile. And now that the mysterious right shoulder ‘injury’ is healed – praise be to salt water! – the right hand bomb aka “Manila Ice” that destroyed the likes of Erik Morales is all the way back. If I’m in Bradley’s corner giving advice between rounds I’m all like, “Tim! Please! Don’t upset him!”

Hi Tech…

Word is Vasyl Lomachenko may end up fighting Puerto Rico’s Rocky Martinez in a junior lightweight contest in June. Martinez is made to measure for the swift moving, blindingly accurate punching, double Olympic Gold Medal winner. Slow feet. Not particularly fast. And one paced. But we do know one thing. Rocky will attempt to bring that steady heat all night. But I can’t see what he can possibly do to keep Lomachenko from darting in and out on crazy angles and completely befuddling him, while the accumulation of punishment slowly but surely takes its toll.
Sure Rocky can punch a bit. But it’s not like the Ukranian marvel is ever standing still in one place for long. Now you see me, now you don’t. The wunderkind is like a ghost. I sense a tough night ahead for the Puerto Rican WBO 130lb champion. But hey, at least we get to see the boxer fans have nicknamed “Hi Tech” does his thing again.

If you’re a fan of pure skills with a healthy dash of spite thrown in for good measure, Lomachenko is your guy. Completely unique. Martinez will not have met anyone like him before. You don’t win two Olympic Gold Medals without being very special. Martinez is in for a rough night at the office. Somebody better call security….

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