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60 Seconds with Richard Clayderman

Those familiar in classical or romantic piano music know Richard Clayderman. He had a huge hit with “Ballade pour Adeline”: a song still beloved all over the world. He is 68 now, lives in Paris and is still on the road performing to big audiences. Check out his new album “Forever Love”.

KB: We all know you best from your 1976 Smash Hit ” Ballade pour Adeline” which went to number 1 in many countries and sold 22 million copies: What is the story behind it and were you surprised it became such a big hit?

It would have been too presumptuous of me to imagine that Ballade pour Adeline would sell such a high number of albums. In fact, my producer told me that if it would sell 10,000 copies, he would be happy.

KB: In your younger days you worked as an accompanist and toured with Johnny Hallyday and Michel Sardou: What is an accompanist and how was it working with these 2 legends?

To become an accompanist musician was quite an achievement as far as I was concerned. But to become what I am today… This was something that I could never have imagined.

KB: Guinness Book of World Records says you are the most successful pianist in the world: How do you feel about this and is it true?

I would have preferred that they write “one of the most popular pianists in the world.”

KB: You are known for romantic and classical piano music: Did you ever wanted to make a Jazz, Blues, Rock n Roll album? Do you like this kind of music?

I am very fond of Pat Metheny, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Michel Petrucciani… they are fantastic musicians, but I don’t have their expertise.

KB: you planning anything new? A new album? Are you still touring?

I just released a new album “Forever Love”. For two years, COVID prevented me from touring, and I hope Putin won’t do the same.

KB: artists you currently like and who you would like to work with?

My dream would be to collaborate with Sir Paul McCartney and Ed Sheeran.

KB: The whole world has been in several lock downs due to the raging pandemic: what have you been doing during these lock downs? Any hobbies you enjoy you?

I have dedicated a lot to my piano… practicing… working on new stage performances and studio recordings. I was also reading a lot…watching TV and numerous singers and groups perform.
When possible, I went walking in the streets of Paris and in different parks.

Check out his new album on Richard’s website: HERE