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60 Seconds with Author and Spiritual Healer Kimberly Meredith

Exclusive interview by Karen Beishuizen

Kimberly Meredith is the author of the new bestselling book “Awakening to the Fifth Dimension” and one of the most respected spiritual healers in America who discovered her healing abilities when she was a child. She lives in Los Angeles.

KB: When did you first notice you had healing powers? What age and did it scare you?

I’ve had healing abilities since early childhood. I had an experience where I brought a small bird back to life. I healed my grandmother’s asthma without knowing by placing my hands on her chest. I also had unique blinking patterns which I now know are my communication to the Holy Spirit. Then, as an adult, I had two Near Death Experiences, from which I returned with divine gifts of healing and mediumship through the Holy Spirit. My unique eye blinking also reemerged, and it is through my eyes that I receive a great deal of medical information and messages from the Other Side. Through these gifts of healing and mediumship, many thousands of people and animals have been helped.

KB: Could you tell me what healing powers you have and how it works on people?

I am able to see into the body and receive information about a person’s health issues, past and present, physical or emotional, and find the root cause of the condition. Then, with the person’s consent, we conduct a healing that calls upon the healing energy of the Holy Spirit to help improve the person’s medical conditions. Such healings are also helpful for children and animals. I’m also a medical clairvoyant, telepathic, psychic intuitive, also known as a psychic intuitive counselor.

KB: What is a Shaman Lineage? I read yours dates back to your maternal great grandmother?

My maternal great-grandmother Josephina was known in the family as a shaman and healer. She was born and raised in Genoa, Italy, and was a famous healer who helped heal many people. She eventually moved to Jamestown, New York, where she worked with doctors and holistic herbs to heal people of serious diseases.

KB: What is a Trance Channeler? What do you do and how does it work?

As a Trance Channeler, I receive information, guidance and messages from my higher-dimensional Guides and Angels instructing me when and where to place my hands over a person to send and receive healing 5th Dimensional energy, which is the Dimension in which healings take place. I always like to remind people, the 5th Dimension is the Dimension of miracles.

KB: The basis of her work revolves around the simple concept that anger and negative energy causes disease: Could you explain this to me how this causes diseases?

When you are hurting emotionally, or angry, or depressed, or sad, or despairing, or hopeless, or resentful, or bitter, or any negative emotion, these emotions raise your cortisol, cause hormonal imbalances, and lower your immune system’s effectiveness. Without a strong immune system, diseases can more easily take foothold in our bodies. Also, excessive negative emotions keep us on a lower frequency, lower vibrational state and keeps us stuck in the 3rd Dimension. It’s good to do meditation each day to stay calm, grounded in a healthy state. This helps us reach and stay in the 5th Dimension.

KB: You are also a Reiki Master: What is a Reiki Master and what do you do?

A Reiki Master is an advanced practitioner of the Japanese energetic healing art of Reiki. I believe that Reiki can tap into the possibilities of energetic healing. In my healing practice, I have come to create my own form of Reiki, but my healings are facilitated and ultimately performed by the Holy Spirit, which is the intercessory aspect of God. I feel the Guides and Angels coming in to guide me where to connect with the client, and where to put my hands and where to direct energy.

KB: You do surgical hands on healing: Does this mean you kinda do a surgeons job without performing an actually surgery? How do you remove tumours, cure broken bones?

Yes, a surgical hands-on healing is like a surgery but performed without the need for a three-dimensional surgeon. My Guides include doctors who assess the physiological and anatomical or physical needs of a person, and then perform the needed changes within the body. These changes, and the surgical hands-on healing, are all performed through the healing power and energy of the 5th Dimension, and the Holy Spirit.

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