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JG’s Thoughts On The Political Scene – Biting Commentary

By Janet Grace

This report will be my first summary of who, what, why, when and where, each week.

Topics will be many as they come into view or they may highlight just one area.

This week’s topic takes the cake. What began as a blip on the screen is more-or-less a key issue, as I highlight the root.

In Congressional News, this week found two MAGA-GOP card carrying members forever intent on desecrating the halls of Congress, bringing who they were as adolescents into their present workplace, which unfortunately, isn’t Wally World Amusement Park. It is the United States House of Representatives and Senate, the legislative branch.

As opposed to doing the work they were elected to do, throwing one another to the wolves despite their living in the same forest, was more important.

Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene took to the media to claw their nails at one another over their inability to come to terms with one another.

Rather than facing each other privately and handling their differences in a mature professional fashion, away from the public eye, being a united front for We, The People, ‘Things One and Two’ took their clown show straight to Media World in a disgusting display of Pre-School antics.

Boebert, who stands with other Congressional leaders unwilling to back the treasonous Kevin McCarthy as House Speaker, seemed bothered by Greene’s hypocrisy.

One minute Greene’s speaking against Kevin McCarthy for having censored her due to her disgustingly insane rhetoric, the next moment, she’s the unofficial whip, standing a bit too close for comfort with her one time foe.

Apparently, Greene’s been offered a Faustian bargain, which her newly found views prove she has greedily accepted.

Boebert, unable to hold back, told Charlie Kirk during a Turning Point Conference, this:

“You know, I’ve been aligned with Marjorie and accused of believing a lot of the things that she believes in, I don’t believe in this, just like I don’t believe in Russian space lasers — Jewish space lasers and all of this.”

Greene retaliated on Twitter with a series of tweets eluding to Boebert’s obvious betrayal as follows:

“I’ve supported and donated to Lauren Boebert. President Trump has supported and donated to Lauren Boebert. Kevin McCarthy has supported and donated to Lauren Boebert. She just barely came through by 500 votes. She gladly takes our $$$ but when she’s been asked: Lauren refuses to endorse President Trump, she refuses to support Kevin McCarthy, and she childishly threw me under the bus for a cheap sound bite. The country is facing extremely difficult times. Americans expect conservative fighters like us to work together to Save America and that is the only mission I’m 100% devoted to, not high school drama and media sound bites. Save America! Defeat the Democrats!”
No. No. No!

Herein lies the problem.

Number One: America doesn’t need saving. It will stand tall long after we’re gone. DEMOCRACY is what needs to be respected and adhered to.
Uneducated people that come out of the woodwork without knowing how to boil water, let alone having a clue about political science, the history of our republic, how many branches of government there are, what they stand for and how they work together, believing that the two political parties are enemies of one another and must be defeated by hook or by crook, should NOT be qualified to represent us.

Their ignorance should cause you a great deal of fear. The damage they do to We, The People, as a whole, with their believe system brainwashed into them by the grandest of all ignorant people alive today, is massive.

They require immediate dismissal, as recently proven by Greene’s statement alone.

Just as attorneys representing the prosecution and the defense of a single trial, dine together after their work is done; bring their children to each other’s birthday parties and can be very close despite their differences, or who they represent in a given week or trial, they know their jobs, have passed bar exams for each of the states they represent. They know the law inside, out and backwards. They use that knowledge alongside their wisdom, intelligence, integrity, professionalism and creativity, which is required at their level of service, to do their work properly.

This is what is sorely lacking in our present government.

There are not supposed to be enemies within The People’s House, within the Three branches of government or at any federal or state level.

There are two distinctive views and it was supposed to be that the smartest of All of us, represented our voices. They’re supposed to be smart enough, creative enough, to work alongside the other team to come to an agreement or think outside the box and come up with something better that benefits the entire nation, not those who have gifted them with money, prizes and back door illegalities.

Instead, we have a Circus of The Macabre exhibiting bad character, ignorance and disgusting, sometimes illegal and now treasonous behavior, STILL WORKING and about to be re-sworn in next week.
THAT should frighten each and every one of you reading this article.

They CANNOT be allowed to continue doing the harm which began way before their parents met one another.

It is time that We, The People, demanded revision of what qualifies a candidate to be allowed to run for office.

If their taxes show that they are worth 75k, and everything else checks out and they are elected, they should be ousted immediately should that amount triple without accurate receipts, the following year.

Law enforcement employees are not allowed to accept gifts. Neither should those working in any of the three branches of government.

Their service to America should not include a get rich scheme and promises to vote a certain way benefiting unscrupulous agendas.

It should be just as easy to oust a sitting member of Congress for any known or found violation, as it is to elect them. We should not have to bear the brunt of their lawlessness or stupidity, period.

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