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JG’s Thoughts On The Political Scene – MAGA IS The CONFEDERACY

By Janet Grace

In 1861, eleven senators and three U.S. House Members were expelled for supporting the Confederacy.

Today’s “MAGA” Clan equals The Confederacy of 1861, in that there are those beholden to a former President who continues to “rule” our present day government with an iron fist, like a jailed “Don”, no pun intended whatsoever, but it is ironic — still governing from the inside.

The ACTUAL President has made mention that our democracy is in danger several times; however, I see no action coming from the opposing party or anyone for that matter, writing into The Constitution that MAGA is a domestic terrorist organization whose intent is to destroy the republic’s rules and overturn laws eventually creating a country ruled by Fascists.

Why is this being allowed. Why aren’t those that govern within the present administration ousting the very same domestic terrorists who designed and carried out a coup against our government two years ago?

Why was a fugitive from another country allowed to be sworn into the United States government after the lies, and lastly, flaunting a WHITE POWER sign? What? He’s white now, too? That brown child would not last a night at a Nazi rally! He’s what they despise. I do not understand any of this, in the slightest. That’s not EVEN funny. We have no clue what that sign means to them. It could be the “Secret Member of the Russian Party” sign for all we know.

What we ARE clear about is that these people, some from Queens, some from trailer parks without two brain cells (or degrees) to rub together, become very wealthy, very quickly, the moment dark money has them winning their elections.

Never Ye mind taking the time and expense of tracking funds, the fact that they are beholden to someone OTHER than the current administration and the fact that MTG had TFG on the phone sticking his nose where it did not belong, should be enough to expel these insurrectionists from our government. To add insult to injury, the moment he held the gavel, after five days and fifteen tries, Kevin “The Chump” McCarthy thanked TFG like one of those beauty Queens at “The Donald’s” old pageants.

Don’t even say the words: “Garland” or “Jack” to me. One’s had two years. The other comes with bells and whistles, yet their supposed Turbo engines are; thus far, dead as bricks, when it comes to sealing the deal. It’s been “pass the buck” for far too long.

In my view, Grandpa needs to give Garland an ultimatum, or Gee Tee Ef Oh.

If any of us were to take this long on a work assignment, delegating our work to someone who further delegated the work to others, we’d be escorted to the door and stripped of our security clearance badge super pronto.

MAGA is the New Confederacy and IF The Constitution is to be followed, that is the perfect reason for expulsion.

These MAGA folks are enemies of democracy AND of democrats. Ask MTG. She’ll grant you an interview, respond with a “yes, we have to end the Democrats” and she’ll even tell you where to shop for intimate sexual paraphernalia while she’s at it, but ask her what bills she’s written and is hoping to pass, since November 2022, that will assist her district and you may only receive a blank stare.

Boebert began with two pretzels in her campaign war chest and currently is worth 41 million dollars. Where TF did she get that money in a matter of two years when we pay them approximately 176k a year?

While we’re on the same track, who paid off Kavanaugh’s nearly 200k debt?

Why is Clarence still a judge or Alito for that matter or Amy Coney Barrett?

These people ARE The Confederacy and in my view, they ALL must be dismissed and escorted out the same way they escorted Truth tellers during TFG’S administration, immediately or sooner.

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