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The Donald Trump Interviews…

Laurie Yoder Speaks Out

Exclusive Interview by Karen Beishuizen

Laurie is 64 and lives in California. She is a medical coder.

KB: Why do you dislike or even hate Trump?

Where do I start? The simple answer is because of the irreparable harm he has done to this country. The longer answer is that he is a bully, a con man, a sex abuser, a racist, a rapist, and an adversary of the LGBTQIA community. He is the vilest, most repulsive person I can think of. He’s a clown who paints himself orange yet is without humor or charm. He’s an unintelligent bore who cares only for money, power, and himself. He would throw anyone under the bus to save himself, including his own children. I believe Trump is a traitor who sold our secrets for money and is a Russian asset. He’s all smoke and mirrors, but underneath the fake tan and the cotton candy hair is a cowardly malignant narcissist who has a fifth-grade vocabulary and the self-control of a toddler. He’s gotten away with everything his whole life. The majority of sane people say no more. He must never be near our government again. If he dropped dead tomorrow, much of the world would breathe a sigh of relief. I myself would buy the best bottle of champagne I could afford, and toast to a better world.

KB: How do you view his supporters?

I view his supporters with both pity and disdain. The pity I feel would be for the vulnerable elderly people who listen to the propaganda on Fox News and believe it. My compassion ends there. Most of his supporters seem to lack critical thinking skills. They believe what he says, rather than what he does. Many of them are as racist, homophobic, and transphobic as he is. He makes it ok for them to be the worst of themselves. He calls white supremacists “good people.” He gives a poor example of behavior with name calling, mocking the disabled, outward hate for Black Lives Matter supporters, etc. Some of his supporters are rich white men who enjoy the tax breaks he gave them. His supporters have become a cult, with Trump portrayed as a variety of Superheroes on cards to ridiculous cheap gold shoes sold for hundreds of dollars. It boggles my mind that some living at the poverty level will send a man who owns his own plane their hard-earned money. I can’t help wondering if free universal education such as they have in other countries could have helped prevent this or could in the future. Bottom line, if you support this traitor, you don’t really care about this country. Fuck Trump and anyone who supports him at this point. He’s a scourge on humanity.

KB: Why should Trump never be President again?

Trump can never be president again. It would be the end of this country, and Democracy as we know it. I question why an Adderall addicted mentally unstable individual is allowed to be president. He has no self-control, and people want to give this man the nuclear codes? It’s absurd. He couldn’t even have my job at the hospital I work, why is there this loophole in the law that allows this?

By his own words, Trump would become a dictator. He has said he would let Putin have whatever he wants. Women, people of color, immigrants, and LGBTQIA would have no rights. He has already indicated that he would punish his enemies and send ethnic groups to detention camps and do mass deportation. This isn’t what America is supposed to be. We are a melting pot, and we should stay that way. I believe Trump has committed Crimes Against Humanity already and would commit far worse.

KB: Why is America better off without Trump?

The world would be far better off without Donald Trump. He contributes nothing good to the world. I cannot think of one redeeming quality he possesses. I believe he is inherently evil. He is responsible for so many deaths already, due to his deliberate mishandling of the Covid epidemic. He and Jared Kushner discussed how they wanted Democrats to die. His leaking of classified documents led to US spy deaths. Trump lacks a conscience, empathy, and has a manipulative, impulsive, and criminal mind. If you look up the definition of malignant narcissist, it fits him to a tee. I believe he’s one of the biggest dangers to the world right now.

KB: Why should people vote for Joe Biden?

People should vote for Joe Biden to save democracy. It sounds dramatic, yet that’s where we are in this country. Trump and fascism versus Biden and democracy. Joe Biden is a good man who wants the best for this country. He is compassionate and strong. He proves it every day by quietly doing great things without fanfare. He has improved the economy, unemployment rate, made more jobs, reduced the federal deficit, etc. He is one of the best presidents of my lifetime. President Obama was certainly a better speaker and very charming and had that “swag.” But President Biden inherited a lot of problems that he works hard to fix. He could do even more with a supportive congress and senate. He does not get enough credit, which I believe is partially due to the right wing owned media.

Joe seeks to unify rather than divide. That’s just what the country needs at this moment.

KB: Why are you a Democrat and how do you view the Republican Party?

I’m a Democrat because we believe in making life better for everyone, not just the rich white folks. We believe in fairness and equality. Generally speaking, we do not oppose immigration, women’s rights, abortion, equal pay, and protecting the environment. Most of us don’t want assault weapons on the street. Republicans want to go backwards, take away women’s and other groups rights and put religion into schools and government. They prefer guns over the lives of children. Their way cannot happen. I’m hoping the GOP is dying. I’m hopeful that Gen Z is going to make a huge, positive difference in the world. Whatever we do, we have to stop being complacent and vote like our lives depend on it, because they do.

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