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The Donald Trump Interviews… Lynda Straffin Speaks Out

Exclusive Interview by Karen Beishuizen

Lynda lives on the East Coast and is a UX Engineer for Big Tech.

KB: Why do you dislike or even hate Trump?

I despise Trump because he’s a dangerous dictator, immoral criminal, compulsive liar and malignant narcissist. He stiffed people who worked for him, bankrupted businesses, committed fraud, cheated on his wives, tried to overthrow our government and stole top secret classified documents which put our National Security at risk. He admires other dictators, attacks our allies, brought nepotism to the White House and continues to inspire violence: mass shootings, voter intimidation, January 6th, etc. He uses his power to bully, slander and defame both individuals and companies. He gave the vilest people in our society permission to be their worst selves.

That’s my short list.

KB: How do you view his supporters?

After observing his rallies and those arrested on January 6th, his base cuts across a wide range of demographics: law enforcement, veterans, small businesspeople, religious zealots, racist confederates, fringe paramilitary groups and even Nazis. His followers see themselves as perpetual victims, are deeply ungrateful, angry, unpatriotic, susceptible to conspiracy theories, unhinged from reality and extremely dangerous. His base meets the definition of a cult and they’re ready to burn the country down for him. Some are real domestic terrorists armed to the teeth.

The MAGA cult has been brainwashed and radicalized after consuming decades of right-wing talk shows, Fox News playing at military bases, Russian propaganda on social media and even church pastors promoting right-wing politics. Take some time to research The ReAwaken America Tour. It’s using conspiracy theories to demonize people and recruit an Army of God for a Holy War.

Voltaire: “Those Who Can Make You Believe Absurdities, Can Make You Commit Atrocities”

Their grievance and victimhood have deluded them into believing they’re righteous Christians, Patriots and Purebloods heroes, saving the country from fantasy boogeymen, but they’re nothing of the sort.

They thrive on wild conspiracies and can’t be reasoned with.

Think about how some famous cults have ended. We’re in the middle of a mass hysteria event and it won’t end well, even if Biden wins.

This will take decades to undo even IF they don’t win.

KB: Why should Trump never be President again?

He’s made it clear what his plans are. Revenge and retribution. A national abortion ban that puts every woman’s life in danger. Research Project 2025. It’s bone chilling. He wants to imprison and kill his political enemies. He wants to gut every part of government and install it with his loyalists. He wants to be a dictator and use his power to punish anyone and anything he doesn’t like. He wants to pull out of NATO and hand Ukraine to Russia. He called democrats vermin and said immigrants are poisoning the blood of our country. His targets are most Americans. He is the most anti-American president in history who has eroded trust in all our institutions. Let’s not forget Covid. How many Americans died unnecessarily because he downplayed that? A large percentage of his followers are anti-vaxxers.

KB: Why is America better off without Trump?

America is better off without Trump because America is a democracy, not an autocracy. We The People ARE the government because we elect our own representatives who volunteer to serve the country. Trump wants to install yes men, take away people’s rights, punish enemies and be the center of attention. He would run a second term like Kim Jong Un. He’d have parades dedicated to worship him and loyalty tests for citizens, because it’s all about him, not the people. He would steal from all of us to enrich himself and his family.

KB: Why should people vote for Joe Biden?

People should vote for Joe Biden because he has decades of experience, bipartisan skills and he’s been a historic president who has invested heavily in our infrastructure for the first time in decades. He’s strengthening unions for working class people and supports “Made in America” businesses and future energy technologies. He supports women’s rights and is a normal person who cares about everyday Americans. Leaders all over the world respect him and want to work with him. The economy is recovering under him, and the stock market has reached all-time highs.

Republicans are exploiting his lifelong stutter and age as liabilities. Accepting and overcoming any personal adversity is a strength, not a weakness. His age and experience bring wisdom and he has built a strong team of smart people around him instead of going it alone and flying by the seat of his pants. He’s a team player with a servant’s heart, not an angry, isolationist demagogue with a fragile ego who blames others and lacks humility.

KB: Why are you a Democrat and how do you view the Republican Party?

I wasn’t raised in a political home and didn’t register to vote until 2018. I became a democrat after watching Hilary lose in 2016. It was easy to see how Trump ran his campaign that I had little to nothing in common with republicans. Trump mocked a disabled reporter, bragged about grabbing women by the pussy, was friends with Epstein, lusted after his own daughter, told blatant lies and constantly used bullying tactics. Every republican that was humiliated by him ended up worshiping him, revealing their cowardice and cultish tendencies. I was horrified and devastated that our country chose an immoral, performative conman over a qualified, experienced woman and immediately vowed to never miss a vote again. I’ve been immersed in politics daily and actively learning our nation’s history ever since 2016.

I see the republican party as an extremist cult movement. They have walked away from every one of their so-called values to kiss the ring of a mob boss with 91 felony counts. They’re all feckless cowards who are now siding with Putin. The ones who aren’t don’t have a shot at winning anymore.

The elected GOP politicians have zero ideas and policies, only tax cuts for the rich and performative BS. They lie about almost everything and use fear mongering tactics to scare people into voting for them. They only care about power, winning, money and controlling others who don’t fit their shrinking demographic. They’re White Christian Nationalists who want to force religion down everyone’s throat with their own twisted interpretation of the Bible. They want to dissolve separation of church and state and control women. They don’t believe in freedom of/from religion. They believe Might makes Right. It’s their way or the highway.

Trump will bankrupt their party and ultimately destroy it. They seem to be ok with that. Let’s hope they aren’t allowed to destroy our entire country in the process.

Vote like your own life and our democracy depends on it. Because they do.

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