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Ringside Report Reviews Netflix Enola Holmes


By Janet Grace

Sharing a love for mystery books and movies, my sister and I read every Sherlock Holmes title we could ever find and were quick to line up for the Sherlock Holmes Midnight Dollar Festivals held each Friday at a lovely little theatre, blocks from our home.

Afterwards, we’d pop on over to The Burger Barn next door where we’d devour humongous burgers and seasoned steak fries while discussing every aspect of what we’d just seen. To us, Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce as Sherlock and Watson were our super sleuth heros.

When I saw the trailer for Enola Holmes on Netflix, I smiled — couldn’t wait to feast my mind.

The story, based on a six book, young adult series by author, Nancy Springer, is about Mycroft and Sherlock Holmes’ younger sister, Enola, who just happens to be smarter than her two brothers put together. It makes for a very entertaining subject.

In this particular movie, she awakens on her 16th birthday, to find her mother gone. She departs for London, alone, in search of her, colliding with more adventures along the way.

What begins as a mild, story appealing to a general audience, soon develops into a core message which alarmingly mirrors inequalities we find ourselves facing at this very moment as well as depicting the stones that were unturned by those brave enough to do so, to bring certain rights and liberties to the table.

Whoa. I thought this was a fun, light movie.
That’s what I get for trying to relax. Kidding.

It was well worth the listen and I’m glad I heard every word. In fact, as I was listening, I was thinking: everyone needs to hear this. It is loud and clear. HOLLYWOOD IS SPEAKING TO US.

For a semi-sweet, enjoyable movie for tweens on up, this one packed a punch. Tomb Raider, in the most beautiful dress.

The scene set in terms of cinematography for this film, while not as elaborate as we’ve seen in some period films, was delicate, lovely and accurate in terms of clothing worn. The scenery itself, so green and lush and English, what is there not to love. It’s where our experiment began. Check out the car they have on the set. I would have loved to have driven that.

I strongly urge all Resistors to watch this film. You won’t believe what is being said until you listen with your own heart. I rightfully give this film two thumbs up, a sweet cigar and a glass of sherry for good measure. Where’s the violin?

Rotten Tomatoes: 91%, IMDb 6.7/10,
Common Sense Meter: ⅘., 4.7 Stars

Starring: Millie Bobby Brown, the young British actor, best known for her leading character, Seven, in the Netflix Blockbuster, Stranger Things plays the title role. She produces this film as well. If you’ve ever seen her act, she’s one who grabs hold of the movie’s reins and never lets go. Her talent is evident from the moment she utters her first word.

With 2 Oscar nominees, 44 wins and 94 other nominations thus far, Helena Bonham Carter, stars as the missing mother and artist who molded the genius seen in all three of her offspring. Miss Bonham Carter is best known for her performances in Sweeney Todd, Les Misérables, The Crown, Suffragette, to name a few. While her role is sparse, Miss Bonham commands the screen with a force demanding to be known.

Henry Cavill, a.k.a. The Man of Steel, stars as Sherlock Holmes. You may also recognise him from one of my personal favorite films: Dumas’ The Count of Montecristo and currently in Netflix’s,The Witcher.

Sam Claflin, stars as the oldest Holmes descendent, Mycroft. Another very familiar face which took me a few moments to place. He has starred in Pirates of the Caribbean, Hunger Games, Adrift and more.

Frances de la Tour, stars as the Dowager. She’s known for her character acting in Harry Potter 4, Alice in Wonderland, Into The Woods amongst others. Just as there are some who sparkle and shine, Ms. de la Tour’s forte is in her saying what she needs to say, through expression.

The All-Star cast also includes True Blood’s Fiona Shaw, Medici’s Louis Partridge, Les Misérables’ Adeel Akhtar, Netflix’s Former and hopefully once again someday .. simply speculating.. “Crazyhead”‘s Susie Wokoma.
Nuff Said. These people will draw you into the story.

Take a break from the world.
Watch this movie.
Listen to what they’re saying.
They lay it right on the line.
Have a listen and please
Let me know if you liked it, hated it. I’d like to know.

Ok, Love you. Blessed be. JG 😀 )0(

Director: Mr. Harry Bradbeer,
Screenplay: Mr. Jack Thorne.

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