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The best home fitness exercise equipment
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I also just use a pretend jump rope, and I use the stairs as my step. I don’t have a bench, so when I need one, I either use a coffee table, the couch, or the stairs, whatever makes more sense. If I can’t make any of them work (like when you need to benches for jumping), I just use the floor. It’s not perfect, but I figure it’s better than not working out at all.
You don't need a rope. Hold your arms out like you have one and go through the motions. It's the same with a rope or without. I have a box, a bench and a step. And EVA mats for the floor to help protect my joints from the stress of jumping. I have a medicine ball but I only use it for medicine ball push ups. Everything else that's done with a medicine ball can be replaced by holding a dumbbell weight.
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Lol don’t need to apologise for calling me out, you call out racism or sexism not someone for having a different opinion on such a minor matter.

I don’t need any of your help, quite frankly I find your spots quite narrow minded and in the brah mode “I will lose my gains” You give the impression it’s gym lyfe and nothing else matters

I’ve had periods in my life were gym was a big focus, and other times when I don’t go. Personally I know where the balance lies as I’ve been at both l ends of the extreme. Maybe that’s helped me find perspective now and I really don’t mind the gym not being open for an extended period of time.
I started on this forum looking for advice years and years ago, then shared my experiences and knowledge. There is lots of differing opinions on here, diet, training etc. some I agree with, some changes my thinking on things and some utter garbage. As the years have gone on I’ve spent lest time arguing my points (I don’t care about being right or wrong in someone else mind) and just reflecting on my experiences.
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